BLAST: smart segmentation for sequence messaging.

Available filters:

  • registration date in the project
  • specific sequence receivers
  • the attendees of the webinar
  • more or less than a specific amount of time
  • who filled in the form
  • the active in the webinar chat
  • who didn't attend the webinar
  • the active in the messenger

Filters are possible to combine and can count the number of recipients.

Messeges can be saved as a template.

New webinar settings:

  • real viewer counter
  • fake audience counter with the desired range set
  • webinar button colour and text design
  • fake timed messages in public chat
  • scheduled admin messages to private chats

An event has been added that tracks the clicks of a button of a specific viewer under the form in the webinar.

You can configure the message chain to those who activated your bot outside the site. Reworked web reminder interface - now it's a simple drag-drop, notification settings simplified.

Main changes that affected the client interface:

  • You can see all viewer touchpoints: from bot activation to form completion, including each visit to the webinar and its duration
  • Now you can subscribe the viewer to a conversation or unsubscribe them from it
  • All chats are in one tab and you can easily switch between sources
  • Message status appeared - delivered/not delivered/blocked bot
  • You can go to a Telegram account of the viewer from the communications centre
  • All dialogues with unread messages from the lead are at the top of the chat list
  • Under each message there is a messenger icon or the name of a webinar
  • Now the total number of unread messages on the project is calculated