Webinar Automation Service

Connect Foxery – make your work with webinars simple, systematic and predictable.

You have great webinars!

Once or twice a week, your broadcasts gather hundreds of people, and some of them become your customers.

Everything is awesome. But tell me,
aren't you tired?

  • To keep talking on the same topic again and again
  • To bother with and spend your time on live broadcasting
  • To put aside other important things because of this
  • To give one hundred percent every time as it affects how many customers will come to you.

And you try
your best, but:

  • You spend your time on advertising the webinar, but people don’t reach it.
  • You don’t know when the viewers close your broadcast and why they leave
  • Your webinars' conversion rate is always varying and depends on the mood that you had while broadcasting
  • If it’s a paid webinar, then one person buys it, and shares the link to all their friends (but, of course, you don’t know this as you don’t have the data about it)

Stop burning your budget and resources

Connect Foxery – make your work with webinars simple, systematic and predictable.

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No need to keep holding live webinars

With Foxery, it’s enough to make one (but high-quality) webinar recording: in a good mood, at the time that is convenient for you, with the best equipment. With the help of little tricks, your audience will think that you are holding a live webinar.

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Chatbot communicates with your customers

Within a few minutes you can set up a bot that will send messages to everyone who registers for the webinar. Clients receive messages through the messenger that they use: this increases the open rate of letters and brings traffic to your webinars.

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Detailed analytics and integration with CRM

A unique algorithm for identifying and tracking the client’s path will give you the complete information about your users: from viewing the dialogue with the chatbot to the time that a person has spent at the webinar. You can also integrate Foxery with CRM Zoho, Amo, Bitrix24 and Pipedrive to see all the data directly from the system.

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Predictable conversion

Having recorded the webinar, you finally get a measurable and constant conversion, which does not depend on how much you “lit” this time in your live. And what is more, you can track when users most often close a webinar, and refine weak points.

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Stop living in a Groundhog Day, repeating same answers to the same questions of your audience again and again

Set up Foxery! Free your time and get new customers effortlessly

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Everything you’ve imagined is already here in Foxery

Foxery is perfectly thought out and itcombines features of two services: awebinar room and a chatbot. It takes care ofall communication with clients from signingup for the webinar.

All you need is to record a webinar once and set up a chatbot. And then your managers will simply receive leads in CRM.

Easy to set up, perfect to work

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  • The feeling of a live broadcast

    Foxery makes it possible to hide or open a chat, as well as to write fake questions before the webinar. They will appear at the time you need during the broadcast. All this and speaker’s behavior creates an illusion for the audience that they are watching a live webinar broadcast.

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  • Chatbot without programming

    Our visual editor with hints will help you to set up your chatbot easily. You’ll be able to add timers, photos, videos to the messages. Just as apps like card payments and much more.

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  • Simple integration with the site

    Foxery easily integrates with one of few of your sites. For each connected resource you can develop a separate chatbot message chain.

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  • Automated chatbot reactions

    Foxery automatically sends users messages based on their reaction: participating in a webinar, viewing messages, etc. The bot communicates

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Closed beta testing

Now the service is in the testing phase. To participate, simply fill in the form.